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The Australian Local Government Women's Association (ALGWA) was created as a National Association in 1951 during the Jubilee Year of the Commonwealth of Australia.

After the first National Convention held in Canberra in October 1966 a National Board was elected and a constitution drawn up. Today Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia all boast State Branches and together comprise the National Board.

In 2001 ALGWA commissioned a project to improve women's participation in local government, and build on the actions already being undertaken by some states and individual councils. In collaboration with the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services, the Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women and the Australian Local Government Association, a national strategy was launched.

Click here to read the National Framework for Women in Local Government

During the 2002 International Women's Day, Cr Marion Blair hosted a seminar for women in local government at the City of Belmont. This led to a commitment to establishing the WA Branch of ALGWA. A steering committee was established comprising:

  • Cr Marion Blair (City of Belmont)
  • Cr. Janet Davidson (City of Perth)
  • Anne McAllister (City of Nedlands)
  • Wendy Fletcher (Shire of Kalamunda)
  • Cr. Elizabeth Taylor (Shire of Kalamunda)
  • Cr Pat Morris (City of Gosnells)
  • Mog Piasecka (City of Joondalup)
  • Cr. Val Oliver (City of Cockburn)
  • Cr. Tina Klein (Town of Bassendean)

The State Association was launched during Local Government Week in August 2002, and the Constitution was adopted in 2004. Click here to read the WA Constitution.

ALGWA (WA) is represented on the National Body of ALGWA by Anne McAllister and Janet Davidson.

Cr Marion Blair - ALGWA (WA) Inaugural Chairperson

Marion Blair was the Association's inaugural Chairperson and 1st President. In 2005 Marion was awarded life membership of ALGWA (WA) for her contribution to services for women in Western Australia.